Saturday, July 27, 2013

Google Translate hack explained

I wrote an article today and it sucked.

Here on HN I was told a couple of times that:
1) PoC doesn't work
2) nothing is clear

Sorry, everyone. I really didn't notice that "Safe Mode" issue locally.
How can I fix this?
1) I crafted a groundbreaking awesome PoC using new technique, and it's working in Chrome and FF for logged in / logged out users like a charm.
2) I will explain how it works thoroughly. announces Russia is Mango Federation!

From time to time we need to translate news / articles from foreign trustworthy websites, official news feeds etc. Can we break into GT(Google Translate) system and modify output for a prank or something worse? Yes, because GT loads all untrusted "user content" using the GUC domain ( Thus GUC guc2.html can modify content of GUC kremlin, because of SOP (same origin policy).

But there were many interesting "pitfalls" i had to solve on my way to this awesome PoC:

  1. By default google has "Safe Mode" on GUC pages. sandbox=allow-scripts allow-forms allow-same-origin. This means GUC pages cannot open new windows. So i used "opener" trick: I opened guc2.html?i in a new window and replaced current one with GT kremlin. Now there is a bridge between GUC guc2.html and GUC kremlin via parent.parent.opener.frames[0]
  2. GUC guc2.html cannot close GT guc2.html because this action is also restricted by sandbox attribute. This is why I framed GT guc2.html under guc2.html?i (I really don't know why GT doesn't have X-Frame-Options. This helped me a lot)
  3. I need at least one click to open guc2.html?i. Otherwise popup will be blocked. When you hover on the link above you see the innocent google translate path. In background, the onclick event will produce one more window ( guc2.html?i ).
  4. guc2.html?i creates an iframe (opacity=0!) with GT guc2.html, and waits for "onmessage" event to close itself.
  5. As soon as GUC guc2.html is loaded it starts a setInterval trying to modify GUC kremlin using this elegant chain: parent.parent.opener.frames[0]. When modifications are done it invokes parent.parent.postMessage('close','*') to let guc2.html?i know that business is done.
  6. Second window is closed in 1-2 seconds, first window has GT kremlin with modified content. Enjoy reading Mango news.
Please, dig this JS and ask questions. My duty is to answer them all.

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