Sunday, March 3, 2013

Contributions, 2012

All the buzz started after the commit that changed my life.
here are some highlights of my contributions, kind of digest.

I did some basic stuff — every newcomer starts with it :P
tried to convince people to fix CSRF, showcasing shitloads of CSRF-vulnerable sites
content type verification for JSON input

then spent a while on Rails security:
shameful but effective whitelist by default for mass assignment
getting rid of CSRF-vulnerable 'match' from routes.rb
added default_headers (X-Frame-Options etc) to make Rails apps secure from clickjacking by default
escape_html_entities for JSON.dump
sending nil using XML/JSON params parsers
some whining and XSS showcases on ^$ regexps (no success here)
my presentation with common cases in Moscow
and just plain posts on the future of Rails security  1,2.

played with OAuth:
hijacking account, another hijacking, some other vulns and final post — OAuth1, OAuth2, OAuth...? 

browser security
disclosure of URL and HASH (quite slow but race-condition standard is a vulnerability anyway)

theoretical posts on how to make Web perfect

rethinking cookies: Origin Only
Pagebox - XSS sandbox

Last year was not so bad, next should be more productive.

I am going to focus on defensive security (pagebox), Ruby security gems (for rack based apps), authorization techniques (OAuth is getting more popular != better) and financial security.

Also there is not much to do with Rails - it's well secured now! Thus I am choosing a new framework, likely, nodejs or lift.

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