Friday, January 18, 2013

XSS Hunter: Using XSS Auditor For Great Good

discussion: Hacker News, reddit
What is XSS Auditor?
It's a built in chrome(and IE) tool, switched on by default(you can control it with X-XSS-Protection header, either 0;, 1; or 1;block), which inspects all request params and response body trying to find if any of param present as malicious script inside of body. If it detects anything odd - by default it just removes it from HTML. It can lead to weird things..
First of all we will use it for some evil.
I am telling nothing new, but a trick from my previous post - slicing scripts and events you don't like in some page
You can remove any event "on*", any javascript:... link and any <script> tag. Best targets: confirms(to make clickjacking easier) and framebuster scripts, sending them in request params(?removal=<script>remove_me();</script>). Without them life of hacker gets easier.

Don't touch my framebuster!
I created a neat trick to disallow such things to happen. Just put some random code in your code(<script src="framebuster.js?<%=rand(1,9999)%>"></script>) - nobody knows how code looks in response so it's impossible to 'cut' it off.

XSS Auditor is a pain in ass for scriptkiddies.
This is out of question. They just hate it. So let's use it even for greater good!
I wrote a demo script which detects if XSS Auditor removed any inject and if it did - we fire up document.onxssprotection event(which will notify the administrator of website for example).

Don't touch my auditor of XSS Auditor!
And we don't want our XSS auditor removed either - so when you use it be sure to write src="auditor.js?RANDOM"

I like it more than any WAF - "native" environment detects XSSes better than server side middlewares(take into account performance too).

This code is rather demo and may content bugs, I did not test it in all browsers and IE. Feel free to contribute.